《小镇惊魂2(DreadOut 2)》1.1.7

《小镇惊魂2(DreadOut 2)》1.1.7

《小镇惊魂2(DreadOut 2)》1.1.7-箫生单机游戏
《小镇惊魂2(DreadOut 2)》1.1.7
安装包大小10 GB
游戏本体大小16.83 GB

DreadOut 2 is a third-person horror adventure that draws inspiration from Indonesian folklore and urban legend. Play as Linda Meillinda, a high school student with supernatural power – the ability to sense and see ghosts.

With the aid of her trusty smartphone, Linda must hunt the nightmarish spirits and dark forces that threaten not only her hometown, but all of mankind. This spine-chilling sequel expands on the cult hit original with all-new melee combat and a greater emphasis on exploration, making DreadOut 2 another compelling and terrifying addition to the horror genre.



DreadOut 2 will be utilizing a mixed improved mechanic of our previous DreadOut along with a new combat-oriented mechanic.

  • Banish them all! DreadOut-style smartphone ghost hunting is back. Hunt and defeat intangible ghosts with Linda’s smartphone camera, or use melee weapons and projectiles against physical ghosts
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  • Delve deeper into DreadOut’s supernatural realm with a new combat-oriented mechanic.
图片[2]-《小镇惊魂2(DreadOut 2)》1.1.7-箫生单机游戏
  • Fight back and survive further using any available melee weapons throughout Linda’s journey.
图片[3]-《小镇惊魂2(DreadOut 2)》1.1.7-箫生单机游戏
  • Terrifying boss spirits: Keep your nerve as you battle the supernatural realm’s most hostile ghosts, including the chilling Kuntilanak, and horrifying Gore Surgeon
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A world of dread: Explore Linda’s hometown and beyond, talk to residents (alive and dead!), complete side-quests, and delve deeper into DreadOut lore

  • Explore sleepy Lil’ town, night and day to solve terrifying urban legends that haunt within.
图片[5]-《小镇惊魂2(DreadOut 2)》1.1.7-箫生单机游戏
  • Interact with various unique NPCs both human and ghosts, with various locations teeming with their antics.
图片[6]-《小镇惊魂2(DreadOut 2)》1.1.7-箫生单机游戏
  • Considerable amount of side quests, hidden stages, and mini-bosses written specifically based on our Asian/Indonesian urban legends.
图片[7]-《小镇惊魂2(DreadOut 2)》1.1.7-箫生单机游戏
  • Experience environmental storytelling. Learning about the city nooks and cranny that will guide players in finding an interesting discoveries.
图片[8]-《小镇惊魂2(DreadOut 2)》1.1.7-箫生单机游戏
  • Discover ghosts and urban legends: Search out spirits and uncover local myths to complete the Ghostpedia app on Linda’s smartphone
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