《太阳港(Sun Haven)》1.0.3

《太阳港(Sun Haven)》1.0.3

《太阳港(Sun Haven)》1.0.3-箫生单机游戏
《太阳港(Sun Haven)》1.0.3
安装包大小607 MB
游戏本体大小9.76 GB
图片[1]-《太阳港(Sun Haven)》1.0.3-箫生单机游戏

A train ride to a new life!

You have just arrived in Sun Haven… only to find it’s been struck by dark magic! With only a handful of money and some rusty tools in hand, it’s up to you to build the farm of your dreams. Grow crops, raise livestock, craft items, mine ores, defeat bosses, catch fish, cook recipes, decorate your farm, complete quests, fall in love, and explore what lies beyond the forests of this medieval town. Can you become the hero of Sun Haven and stop the darkness before it’s too late?

图片[2]-《太阳港(Sun Haven)》1.0.3-箫生单机游戏
  • Tend to seasonal crops and flowers or focus on raising livestock and other fantastical animals
  • Share a farm and play with up to 8 friends online
  • Utilize over 40 unique crafting stations for smithing, baking, gifting, and even jewelry making
  • Decorate your house and farm area with tons of furniture items and themed decorations
图片[3]-《太阳港(Sun Haven)》1.0.3-箫生单机游戏
  • Travel through and build a farm in 3 different cities: Sun Haven, Nel’Vari, and Withergate
  • Romance any (or all…) of the 15 available marriage candidates
  • Fight your way through monsters using swords, crossbows, or magic
  • Unlock dozens of floors in the mines as you gather resources and gems
图片[4]-《太阳港(Sun Haven)》1.0.3-箫生单机游戏
  • Customize yourself through different magical races, starting professions, and thousands of clothing options
  • Attend seasonal festivals and celebrate holidays with the townsfolk
  • Complete the Sun Haven Museum by donating hundreds of items to the collection bundles
  • Manage your own progression in a highly customizable skill tree
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